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Paige Babin

Paige Babin has been a CASA volunteer for a little over a year and was assigned to her first case, a sibling group, in March 2023. Amanda, Charles, and Damian came into care in June 2022 due to allegations of neglect/dependency against their mother, Ms. Chambers. Allegedly, Ms. Chambers was shopping at a local store and locked her 3 children in the car unattended. She was arrested for child desertion. Additionally, Ms. Chambers admitted that she and the children were homeless and that they had been sleeping in the car.


Once assigned to the case, Paige got to work immediately. Paige quickly met with the DCFS caseworker, all three children, and their foster parents. All the children were placed in three separate foster placements in different cities across the state. However, Paige did not let this deter her from getting the job done. During Paige’s time working on this case, she advocated for and facilitated sibling visits for the children to ensure that the children would maintain their sibling bond. Paige advocated for educational resources and formed a great relationship with the teachers of all three children, facilitated summer camp enrollment and other extracurricular activities, and ensured that the children were up to date on medical and dental appointments. Paige played a vital role in ensuring that the proper services were put in place to address the children’s needs. Paige was even a great support to the biological mother. The goal of the case was reunification and once the mother had worked her case plan and secured housing, Paige worked hard to secure many donations to furnish the mother’s new home.


Paige formed a solid relationship with the children, the foster parents, the biological mother, and the DCFS caseworker. Even though this case is closed, because of the great bond that Paige formed with the children and the biological mother, they are all still close. Paige has now accepted her second case and is off to a great start.  Paige is a true servant leader and her dedication to the case and the amazing bond she formed with the children is an inspiration to us all.


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