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Nicholas "Nick" Cole

Get to know Nicholas “Nick” Cole. Nick is a CASA volunteer who completed CASA training in October 2021 and has advocated for 2 families and 6 children. One of the families achieved permanence through reunification, whereas the other family remains in care. Nick is a wonderful asset to the CASA program. He is compassionate, helpful, and an advocate at heart.

His current case is a family of three John (14), James (13), and Julia (9). They came into care due to neglect, lack of supervision, and dependency. Nick established relationships with the foster parents and the children’s parents. He is an advocate for the family as he understands the children’s ultimate desire is to return home. Nick remains in contact with the schools and advocates for educational needs. The schoolteachers contact Nick whenever there is a need or concern for the children. He maintains communication with his Advocate Supervisor to develop advocacy steps to work towards achieving permanence. Also, Nick maintains a working relationship with the DCFS case manager assigned to the case. In addition to meeting the children face to face monthly, Nick works a full-time job, and attends family team meetings, court hearings, school meetings, and submits CASA reports to the court.

 Overall, Nick is an advocate at heart. John, James, and Julia know he has their best interest at heart. He challenges their behaviors when they act out, and they contact him (their choice) to report good behaviors. Nick connects with the community to ensure the children’s needs are met. He arranges for the boys to receive haircuts, and their sister to have her hair braided. The oldest sibling, John, was cutting yards before entering foster care. Nick allows John the opportunity to continue his part-time job by taking him on weekends to cut yards. He assists John in being responsible and loyal to his customers. All the children have an impressive relationship with Nick. Whenever they are in need, they will provide his name as the contact person for others to connect with him.

Nick I known for his compassion and dedication to his role as a CASA and his genuine interest and commitment to John, James, and Julia. CASA is proud to have Nick as part of our team. He is a team player and gets the job done.


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